Saturday, July 25, 2009





Friday's camp session concluded the one-week Summer Camp Adventure: "CSI MOSH." Camp Instructor Elena Duduk led four prior days of training that taught campers how to detect finger and lip prints and teeth marks, prepare a CSI kit, pay close attention to changes in detail and build team skills. When the campers arrived to their lab on Friday morning they found a crime scene that involved the missing stuffed animal. The missing animal set off a day of questioning suspects and battery of tests to help reveal who stole the missing elephant. Arriving back at the lab, where the crime took place, the campers' tests included handwriting recognition, chromatography, detecting the mystery substance, hair comparisons, teeth mark detection, and lip and finger print detection. Of the six suspects, the first one, known as "Suzanne" was proven as the one who stole the animal by the battery of tests and questioning the campers conducted.

A video to go with it is found here.

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