Friday, September 17, 2010

Orange Peels from Battery Pointe Dr.

I'm beginning to look more at images I've made in the past. Images from the point that I realized my love for imagery was consuming, motivating and an opening, and always an excuse, to ask as many questions as I'd like.

I am calling these images Orange Peels, in an effort to relate to my Florida upbringing. I realize these images, each a peel, are a part of a whole - my continually adapting vision. It should be noted that most of these images are not vision defining works, but images that strike me from a particular time in my life and/or relating to my current affairs. ###


I recently moved into my temporary digs in Brooklyn. This, if my math is correct, is my sixth address in the last 16 months; which makes it difficult to keep my room in a particular fashion with the constant moving. I keep my walls bare with the skipping around. This image reminds me of how I kept my room before I moved from Orlando.

A palm tree shaped french board, prints from my best of friends and a Jimmy Buffett concert poster from a show in Miami during the mid-1980s was all I needed.