Thursday, May 28, 2009

My ride has begun...

I expected it. I'm three days into my internship and I already feel like I'm fully into the mix of the daily work. Tomorrow is my fourth day of work, and I was asked to travel to nearby Gainesville to photograph the NCAA Baseball Regional games at U. of Florida.

Today I had sometime before my 3:30 assignment, so I mentioned to my editors that I was going to go out and hunt for a feature. As an intern in a new city, searching for features is almost pure luck. I had about an hour and a half to look for one, and being unfamiliar with the city and scared of getting lost on my way to the scheduled assignment, I tried to stay in the neighborhood the assignment was taking place in. For 15 minutes I weaved through the streets lined with good old Florida homes. I took a turn back out to one of the main streets where I found three people bicycling. What caught my eyes were the many bags hanging off their bikes.

Turns out Ryan, Rachel and Gregg Morgan, from Eau Claire, Wis., have been riding cross-county from San Diego, Calif. They started their trip on April 1. Their last stop on the trip was Jacksonville. When they asked me for directions, I told them I have been in the city just about as long as they have.

san diega bikers

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