Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Eppy is on duty

After a lot of effort to get the "Eppy" video compressed and online, it is finally here. I wish the video was larger online, but that is part of the compression learning curve I have yet to reach. On the other hand, continuing my education into Final Cut was very accomplishing.
It was a great experience meeting and spending time with Eppy. Having met someone who spent 65 years of their life doing what they love was quite a lesson into devotion. I hope this video pays homage to the dedication, fervency and compassion Eppy has toward barbering, his customers and his life. With good fortune, I hope what I learned from Eppy can be applied to my own career. Please enjoy!

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Djamila Grossman said...

aaah, photos are a beautiful thing. photos and music...well it makes it sing as we used to say in reporting. simple and sweet. and, yes, his personality does come through a lot. he seems like a really nice guy. where is he from? you've been working pretty hard this semester and accomplished a lot. pretty cool!