Monday, January 12, 2009

African Hair Braiding

This past Saturday I did a photo package about an African hair braid artist who came to the United States from the West African country of Senegal. According to Leeka, hair braiding originated in Africa. Although "in Sengal this isn't a full time job," Leeka said.

Leeka Diop

Leeka Diop


Ajah said...

Hi Andy, Leeka is right, braids in Senegal are just part of everyday life, every woman knows how to braid. That is why a lot of styles (Senegalese twists, Casamance braids, etc...) are named after them.

Hair Wrapping and Hair Braiding said...

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Hair Techs said...

Its true that braiding really has its deep origins in Africa, but the improper removal of braids and braid extensions are really causing an increase in hair loss in women all over the world.

Many of the African braiders need more education on the Take Down Removal System of braids, dreadlocks or hair extensions.

In America clients can sue a hairstylist if they damage their hair. In Africa, it probably couldn't happen!

james said...

informative posting about african hair.very nice i love your blog.