Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To The Barn

After a lot of planning, I have finally started shooting my idea to document members of the UCF Equestrian team with their horses in portrait format. Even though I've only shot one, Jane L., it has been great working with the members so far with planning the photo sessions. Expect a lot more posts! I am really excited to see this project pan out.

UCF Equine_Jane Losin2

UCF Equine_Jane Losin

By the way, my secret goal in this project is trying my hand at showing necessary texture.

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Djamila Grossman said...

haha! that's really awesome. how'd you come up with that one? I admire you for wanting to shoot portraits! I've contemplated doing a portrait series several times but...gosh, they scare me. So. I dig them both. can't wait to see more. (i used to be a crazy horse fan back as a kid).