Monday, February 24, 2014

The Westminster Kennel Club 138th Annual Dog Show

Here are a few edits from the Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York, New York. Please view a larger edit with Best in Show here.

 photo blogwestminster01_zps956e2b0c.jpg

 photo blogwestminster02_zpsfbcd0b0d.jpg

 photo blogwestminster03_zps1d7da6ac.jpg

 photo blogwestminster04_zps13e804fb.jpg

 photo blogwestminster05_zps7d48c746.jpg

 photo blogwestminster06_zpsd8eddd71.jpg

 photo blogwestminster07_zpsff59c8ba.jpg

 photo blogwestminster08_zps94463801.jpg

 photo blogwestminster09_zps061eda94.jpg

Sunday, February 23, 2014

New York Fashion Week: Thom Brown

Here are a few outtakes from before and during the Thom Browne show at the 2014 New York Fashion Week. A wider edit can be viewed here.

 photo blogthombrown02_zpsaa8e183c.jpg

 photo blogthombrown03_zps696978c5.jpg

 photo blogthombrown04_zps9894d534.jpg

 photo blogthombrown05_zps343a24e7.jpg

 photo blogthombrown01_zps4738bae0.jpg

New York Fashion Week: Prabal Gurung

This is a selection of images from the Prabal Gurung show during the 2014 New York Fashion Week. Please view a larger edit here.

 photo blogprabal01_zps112bef7e.jpg

 photo blogprabal02_zps45fa9e5b.jpg

 photo blogprabal03_zps7c9bbc6b.jpg

 photo blogprabal04_zps113475ea.jpg

 photo blogprabal05_zpsa3d9f5db.jpg

 photo blogprabal06_zpsd382e1e5.jpg

 photo blogprabal07_zps89f03712.jpg

 photo blogprabal08_zps0dcdf7c3.jpg

 photo blogprabal09_zpsfd833e8a.jpg

 photo blogprabal10_zps632206d8.jpg

New York Fashion Week Outtake

 photo fashionweeksecuirty_zpsd7bf4df0.jpg
Not all models during Fashion Week are on the runway. Security stands at guard during the Prabal Gurung show.

New York Fashion Week: Hood By Air

Here is a selection of images from the Hood By Air show located at Chelsea Piers during the 2014 New York Fashion Week. Please view more images here.

 photo bloghoodbyair01_zps1283f0a7.jpg

 photo bloghoodbyair02_zps8331b4c4.jpg

 photo bloghoodbyair03_zpsb86a1215.jpg

 photo bloghoodbyair04_zps2eca6c29.jpg

 photo bloghoodbyair05_zps9eb36df8.jpg

 photo bloghoodbyair06_zpse25f0c2b.jpg

Friday, January 31, 2014

Before New York Fashion Week: Backstage at Rag & Bone

A week before the official February 6th start of New York Fashion Week, Rag & Bone held their Fall/Winter 2014 Menswear collection in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City on January 28. Below is a selection of images made backstage before the show; more images can be scene here.

 photo ragbonefw-01_zps62ac27b1.jpg

 photo ragbonefw-02_zpsc92ce7d9.jpg

 photo ragbonefw-03_zps9bcf5911.jpg

 photo ragbonefw-04_zps6ee40942.jpg

 photo ragbonefw-05_zps72de244e.jpg

 photo ragbonefw-06_zps3da3ff64.jpg

 photo ragbonefw-07_zps390a7b79.jpg

Monday, January 27, 2014

Wintry Weather on Long Island

Various weather art for Newsday of the aftereffects following a winter storm on the South Shore of Long Island in January 2013.

 photo winterweather4_zpsf58b00ea.jpg

 photo winterweather2_zps00e7a5f0.jpg

 photo winterweather1_zps94a77aa5.jpg

 photo winterweather5_zpsd758942e.jpg

 photo winterweather3_zpsca809ce7.jpg

Frieze Art Fair New York

 photo frieze-art_zpsea5c2403.jpg

Scene from the Frieze Art Fair on New York City's Randall's Island in May 2013. Additional coverage was published at The Daily Beast; specific exhibits can be viewed here and additional views of the scene at Frieze can be viewed here.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings in New York City

 photo rawlings-mayor_zps3af38266.jpg

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and his wife, Micki, arrive before Rawlings participated in a panel during the global launch of "Ring the Bell: One million men. One million promises." at One UN New York Hotel in New York. Along with actor Sir Patrick Stewart, singer Michael Bolton and NFL quarterback Don McPherson, the panel drew attention to the promises from men to take action on violence against women. (for The Dallas Morning News)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In New Jersey, Barbara Buono Is the Last Democrat Standing

I photographed New Jersey State Sen. Barbara Buono, who is running against current Gov. Chris Christie to be the state's next governor, for The Daily Beast reporter David Freedlander's report on Buono at her home in Central New Jersey. Buono is the first woman State Senate majority leader in the Garden State.
 photo blog-BarbaraBuono-01_zps87b11083.jpg

 photo blog-BarbaraBuono-02_zpsf8f4f25b.jpg

 photo blog-BarbaraBuono-03_zpsce08972e.jpg